Destiny Credit Apply Online

To apply for the Destiny Credit Card, visit their official website at or and enter the application code from your invitation.

Follow the on screen instructions to fill out your personal details and submit the application. Approval is typically quick, but additional information may sometimes be required. This guide aims to streamline your application process for a swift and easy path to becoming a Destiny cardholder.

Who can apply for the Destiny Mastercard?

Key points about who can apply include:

  • Credit Profile: Suitable for those with new or challenged credit profiles, including past credit issues like bankruptcies, late payments, or collections.
  • Credit Score Considerations: Applicants with low credit scores, even as low as 500, may qualify.
  • Unsecured Credit Card: It does not require a security deposit, distinguishing it from secured credit cards.
  • Credit Building: Reports to the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian), aiding in credit building.
  • Pre Qualification Option: Offers a pre qualification tool to check eligibility without impacting the credit score.

Apply for the Destiny Credit Card : Without an Invitation

To apply for the Destiny Mastercard, follow these concise steps:

Step 1:- Visit Official Website:

Step 2:- Click ‘Apply Now’:

Destinycard Apply

Step 3:- Pre-Qualification (Optional):

  • Optionally apply for pre qualification with basic info like:
  1. Name,
  2. Address,
  3. Email,
  4. Phone Number,
  5. Date Of Birth {DD/MM/YYYY}
  6. Social Security Number {SSN}
  7. Total Monthly Income
  8. Total Monthly Expenses
Destinycard apply

Step 4:- Complete Application Form:

  • Fill in personal and financial details in the application.

Step 5:- Submit Application:

  • Send in your completed application.

Step 6:- Wait for Approval:

  • A response usually comes quickly; additional info may be needed.

For detailed guidance and to start the application process, visit the Destiny Credit Card website.

Apply for the Destiny Credit Card : With An Invitation

To apply for the Destiny Credit Card with an invitation, follow these brief steps:

Step 1:- Visit the Invitation Link:

Step 2:- Enter Application Code:

  • Input the application code and zip code provided in your invitation.
Apply for the Destiny Credit Card With An Invitation

Step 3:- Fill in Personal Information:

  • Complete the pre-filled application with your personal details.

Step 4:- Submit Application:

  • Send in your completed application for review.

Destiny Mastercard Overview Updated 2023-24

Target AudienceIndividuals with new or challenged credit profiles
Credit ReportingReports to all three major credit bureaus
Initial Credit Limit$300
Type of CardUnsecured
Approval CriteriaLenient, suitable for low credit scores
Pre QualificationAvailable without a hard credit inquiry
Annual Fee$75 first year, then $99

What if I am Not Approved?

If your Destiny Credit Card application isn’t approved:

  • Contact Customer Service: Call the number in your rejection notice to understand why.
  • Provide More Information: If requested, submit additional details to support your application.
  • Appeal: You can appeal the decision by explaining any relevant circumstances.

Destiny Mastercard Customer Service

Contact TypeDetails
Customer Service1 800 583 5698
Fax503 268 4711
Technical Support1 800 705 5144
Correspondence AddressConcora Credit
PO Box 4477
Beaverton, OR 97076 4477


Q1: What is the Destiny Credit Card?

Ans:- The Destiny Credit Card is an unsecured credit card designed for individuals with new or challenged credit profiles, helping them build or rebuild their credit history.

Q2: How do I apply for the Destiny Credit Card?

Ans:- To apply, visit the official Destiny Credit Card website, click “Apply Now,” complete the application form, and wait for a quick decision. You can also check for pre qualification without affecting your credit score.

Q3: What if my Destiny Credit Card application is not approved?

Ans:- If your application is not approved, you can contact customer service to understand the reasons. You may have the opportunity to provide additional information or appeal the decision to improve your chances of approval.a