Destiny Credit Card Payment

The Destiny Credit Card is a financial tool designed for individuals looking to build or improve their credit history. It’s essential to understand the various aspects of managing this credit card, including making payments, to maintain a good credit score and avoid penalties.

This article compiles information from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive guide on Destiny Credit Card payments.

What is the Destiny Credit Card?

The Destiny Mastercard is a credit card that reports to all three main credit bureaus, assisting customers in improving their credit. It is accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted and includes fraud and security safeguards. This card is especially useful for folks with less-than perfect credit.

How to Make Payments on Your Destiny Card?

Online Payments:

  • Log in to your account on the Destiny Mastercard website to view your balance, transactions, and statements.
  • You can make or schedule payments online.
  • Setting up auto-pay is an option for convenience and ensuring timely payments.

Phone Payments:

Payments can also be made by calling (844) 222-5695) a dedicated number (usually found on the back of your card).

Mail Payments:

For those who prefer traditional methods, payments can be mailed to the address (Concora Credit, Inc PO Box 23030 Columbus, GA | 31902-3030)provided by Destiny Mastercard.

Other Methods:

Services like MoneyGram can be used for payments, though they may incur additional fees.

How to Set Up Destiny Card Automatic Payments?

  • Navigate to Payments: Go to the payment section on the homepage.
  • Select Auto-Pay: Choose the automatic payments option.
  • Enter Bank Details: Provide your bank’s routing number and your account number for monthly deductions.

FAQs Make a Destiny Card Payment

Q1. Do you want to make Destiny Credit Card Payment?

Yes, you can pay your Destiny Mastercard bill by phone. To make your Destiny Card payment over the phone, call 1-844-222-5695.

Q2. How to Pay Your Destiny Card Bill by Phone?


Call 1-844-222-5695.
Follow automated pay online option..
Provide card details, payment amount, and bank info.
Confirm payment.

Q2. Can I pay my Destiny Credit Card with a debit card?

Ans:- No, you cannot pay your Destiny Credit Card with a debit card.